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Lineverse Speaker Cable

Flagship speaker cable

lineverse Speaker Cable

Cryo Powercord

As its name suggests, The power of lineverse is almost boundless. The only way to see how well it works is feel it with ears. lineverse unleashes every potential of your audio equipment. While reproducing the exquisite details of delicate notes, the rumbling power of bass is staggering. Under its influence, you may just believe that you are being taken back to the scene, where the sound was recorded. Noises from machines, i.e. strain, glare, constriction of any kind... are virtually non-existent. The capabilities of lineverse is nearly unlimited
  • MONO Copper (5 AWG)
  • All conductors are annealed at +800 °C and then cryogenically treated at -196 °C . This thermal cycle brings the material to a structurally perfect condition.
  • A unique twisting method minimizes EMI and RFI distortion
  • Extra-thick fibre layer is utilized to absorb vibration
  • Special materials with carbon is used to construct a shield against static electricity

To fully utilize Lineverse's ultra carbon zone, users can connect the ground of Lineverse(green one) to the ground box, amplifier or other equipment's ground connection.

Length: 2.8 m
Available Connectors: banana / spade