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What is CRYO?

-196°C Cryogenics is cool solution for Hi-End performance

SINE CRYO -196°C deep cryogenic treatment has been developed specifically for all audio equipment, and consists of computer-controlled, slow cool-down cycle from room temperature to the environment of a very deep temperature (-196 Degrees Celsius ).

RCA connects (cryo treatment)
In the deep temperature enviroment for over 48 hours, stresses are being released. And metal particles are re-arranged to a better form, structure and order. ( Like the graphics below )

In a better structure of materials, electronic noises are reduced as lesser crashes happened during electrical signal passing.

Hence, electricity can pass througth smoothly and conductivity is higher.
Normal metal ( before cryo treatment)

After CRYO -196°C treatment

Once the materials reaches a very deep temperature (-196°C) , it is "soaked" for an extended period of time before deing ramped-up to ambient room temperature. Again, computerized equipment is used to control the temperature ramp-up, as well as the quantity and duration of the temperature plateaus.

Receptacles under cryo treatment