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Bulk Cables

Zunmu - multi-purpose cable
for power and speaker
Zunmu Bulk cable
  • Employed a superior MONO Copper as main conductors
  • Super low resistance: 0.0304Ω/M
  • 15 AWG / 1.65mm² ( 300V / 19A )
  • -196°C cryogenic treatment applied to whole cable
  • Polyethylene insulation
  • Multi levels copper shields blocks EMI effectively
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Nidas HC+
Built for power
Nidas HC Bulk cable According to the successful market evaluation of Nidas HC, but our development team won't stop the pursuit of perfection, we chasing every detail to improve the performance of our products, That's why Nidas HC+ was born
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Cryo Power cable
Nidas Bulk cable
  • Special Optimized OFC
  • 13AWG / 2.62mm²( 300V / 23A )
  • -196°C cryogenic treated
  • Extra soft tube to absorb vibration
  • Copper shielding
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Speaker Cable
Lincoln Bulk cable
  • Universal speaker cable for all applications
  • Conductor: 16AWG / 1.31mm² x 2
  • Special Optimized OFC
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