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Alonso Speaker Cable

Cryo Speaker Cable


Cryo Speaker Cable

If your interest in listening is more of a diverse one, incorporating Alonso into your system will not go amiss. It has been designed in a way that different styles of audio recordings are handled equally well. With Alonso in the set-up, impressive performance will be heard, no matter the characteristics of input. This all-round component helps to fill the air with the true beauty of pure sound.
  • Comprises of top-quality solid alloy (14 AWG x 4 )
  • 3 insulation layers and nylon anti-static shielding
  • -196 °C cryogenic treatment applied to the whole cable
  • Platinum-plated connectors with -196 °C cryogenic treatment
Length: 2.8 m
Available Connectors: banana / spade
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