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It takes more than a merchant to tell what perfection is. It takes an expert.
The story of SINE began when an audiophile in Hong Kong decided to share his poetic acoustics 'world' with those sharing the same dream.
POWER Makes the Difference. The ideal audio system cannot live without proper POWER. SINE's mission is to offer the best power supply for signal transmission. Our products will help to bring out the best of sensational experience.
SINE's professional engineers have never ceased to pursue better Audio-visual experience. Our products are just what the sophisticates need. Before you see it, everything has undergone stringent quality control to eliminate even the slightest flaws.
SINE understands the science behind signal transmission – it lies in the whole of electric circuit.
Cryogenic Treatment
Every component in our products is made of the finest materials. In addition, most of the conducting materials from SINE have been treated cryogenically. 'CRYO -196°C' is the soul of SINE. It is a 48-hour cooling process at -196°C, that alters the conductors' structure at the molecular level, reducing electrical resistance significantly, and hence diminishing loss in sound quality.

Other Features
Aircraft-grade raw materials have been employed to keep out EMI/RF interference. In addition, points of contact have been plated with platinum or gold for good conductivity. On power conditioning, SINE makes use of an advanced level of filtering mechanism to remove AC spike noises while retaining the AC signal level from the original input. It takes no effort to notice the reduction in noise floor in the AV setup.