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Audio Interconnects

Flagship Interconnects
Kosmos Interconnect
  • The new evolution of sound by SINE - Lineverse. Experts from SINE have taken the experience of making HiFi cables to form a new generation of flagship interconnects. Hence, the arrival of Lineverse. The newly designed interconnects can enrich the details of the music—a more concentrated music flow with better bass extension. Compared to our last flagship cable, it was quieter and added more depth to the music. Its' treble performance would definitely surprise you.
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Ella X
Top Class Silver Interconnects
Ella X  Interconnect
  • Utilizes 22 AWG multi-strand silver-plated copper wire for precise signal transmission
  • independent DuPont KAPTON insulation sheilding
  • -196°C cryogenic treatment applied to the whole cable, enhancing conductivity
  • Filled with carbon minerals for absorbing static interference
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Ophelia Interconnect A very smooth sound cables with rich details. Can reveals all the small parts in music but not the sharp or artificial timbre. Good for mid to high range equipment. Especially fit for those gear which sounds artificial or too analytical. e.g. cold sound solid states power amplifier or pre-amplifier, AV Center, SACD player.
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Timon Interconnect
  • Timon is a well-balanced creation of SINE as a powerful upgrade to audio equipment.
  • Wiring is made of 17 AWG solid copper
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Mentor Interconnect
  • Wiring is made of 20 AWG multi-strand copper
  • -196 °C cryogenic treatment applied to the whole cable, enhancing conductivity
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Junior Interconnect Junior makes a useful part in an audio system. Individual shielding is employed to prevent weakening and distortion of signals. Its consistently reliable performance has made it the choice for many.
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