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SA-4 Silver CRYO
(Legacy Product)

Silver Cryo Power Distributor

SA-4 (Legacy Product)

Silver Cryo Version Power Distributor

This appliance is comprised of the very best components. Not only does the thick aluminium-alloy chassis keep interference from the outside world away, but it also provides optimal isolation between each socket, preventing contamination. The silver wiring and gold-plated contact surfaces ensure the delivery of pure electric currents.
  • 3 top quality US AC duplex outlets
  • Audio-grade silver wire is used in internal wiring
  • Cryogenic treatment applied on every part of the distributor
  • Extra-thick gold-plated outlet and IEC male with cryogenic treatment
  • Thick aluminium-alloy chassis gives good protection against interference
Dimensions: (L) 273 mm (H) 55 mm (W) 85 mm
Outlets: 4 US sockets
Net Weight: 2.1 kg
Gross Weight: 2.5 kg
Colour: silver/black