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Cryo Powercord
(Legacy Product)


Cryo Powercord

Despite being an electric component, Louis is able to help produce melodies as touching as the human voice or hands. It gives very smooth tunes, high-density sound in all ranges and sweet vocals. Louis gives ideal support to equipment with relatively weak power and an over-bright timbre.
  • Comprised of 12 AWG x 4 top-quality solid-core copper
  • Special wire-weaving patterns
  • 4 insulation layers against EMI and RF interference
  • Nylon anti-static shielding
  • -196 °C cryogenic treatment applied to whole cable
  • Extra-thick gold-plated wall plug and IEC Plug with -196 °C cryogenic treatment
Length: 1.8 m
Available Plugs: US 15 A / UK 13A / Europe Schuko
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SINE Louis│France Haute Fidélité magazine

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