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Gateway 3 PA Version

Flagship P-Alloy Power Conditioner

Gateway 3 PA Version

Flagship P-Alloy Power Conditioner

Gateway 3 is our latest flagship power conditioner. It has adopted a new design with our unique metal ratio P-Alloy core.

When the current enters gateway 3, it will receive a triple treatment. First, the current will receive an input treatment via a magnetic conduit. Second, our P-Alloy core’s new multi-layer noise control structure will play a key role in conditioning. In the end, the output treatment is through another magnetic conduit.

The P-Alloy core is SINE’s most outstanding work of art.

The conduit that covered our unique core is 5 times bigger than our S-60A’s conduit. And the multi-layer noise control structure includes damping filling, low voltage noise removal technique, vibration isolation and shielding. It reaches the highest EMI/RF removal capability.

Gateway 3 carries out the extreme dark and silent background sound. Background noises are long gone after triple treatment. It draws a line of instruments and vocal sound silhouettes. Also, enhance the sound density and recognition of the sound stage.

On home theatre set-up, Gateway 3 can catch your attention immediately. It lightens up your big screen and brings out all the details with its' performance on colour and contrast.

Gateway 3 — Your Top-End HiFi and home theatre power solution
  • A newly developed P-Alloy core is produced based on a unique metal ratio.
  • Huge Magnetic Conduit. About five times bigger than our S-60A conduit
  • Triple treatment to maximise the protection against electromagnetic interference
  • 10 Nano-Platinum-plated outlets and IEC male with cryogenic treatment. 4 for digital, 4 for analogue and 2 for high current
  • Ultra-thick front panel, made from a single block of top-grade aluminium alloy, with state of the art craftsmanship
  • Top-grade internal wiring, conductors are annealed at +700 °C and then cryogenically treated at -196 °C
  • Internal space filled with special damping materials to reduce resonance and unwanted vibration


Maximum continuous power: 11100W (220V)
Total transient power: 17600W (220V)
Dimensions: (W)408mm (D)295mm (H)193mm
Net Weight: 24 kg
Gross Weight: 26.5 kg

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