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2 Pole CRYO MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) - Siemens

40A / 63A

2 Pole CRYO MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker)


    Chosen Germany manufactured high-quality, safe and reliable electrical accessories
    Specially selected products suitable for circuit protection and equipment protection
    Thermoset shell, thermal stability is not easy to deform, high strength
    The Interior structure utilizes efficient three-stage current limiting to achieve the shortest circuit breaking time
    Process with SINE CRYO -196°C deep cryogenic treatment to release stresses on metal particles, and re-arrange to a better structure.
    In a better structure of materials, electronic noises and distortion are reduced, thus enhancing the efficiency of power delivery to your audio system.

  • 40A / 63A
  • -196゚C cryogenic treatment
  • 90 mm (H) x 36 mm (W) x 76mm (D)
  • Made in Germany