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multi-purpose cable for power and speaker


Multi-purpose cable for power and speaker

    Power cable its specially for Source and Digital components.
    Speaker cable has good conductivity and through shielding designs making the transfer of signal very effective.

    Zunmu provides a smooth and linear power supply while blocking unwanted high frequency contamination emit from digital equipments.

MONO Copper

    MONO Copper has a much higher conductivity and lower resistance than normal copper.
    In making of our MONO Copper, oxidation and contaminated substances between atom and metal crystal are being removed. Resulting a 60% lower resistant than normal oxygen free copper!
    Thus, an ultra high pure copper is produced. Our MONO Copper provides smooth and high detailed sound performance.
  • Employed a superior MONO Copper as main conductors
  • Super low resistance: 0.0203Ω/M
  • 15 AWG / 1.65mm² ( 300V / 19A )
  • -196°C cryogenic treated
  • Polyethylene insulation
  • Multi levels copper shields blocks EMI effectively
  • Soft tube design to absorb electronic vibration
  • 50M/Roll