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SINE offered the cleanest and the best power for the music fiesta
Chongqing Bower & Wilkins and McLaren HiFi gathering
In collaboration with McLaren, Chongqing Bowers & Wilkins' agent held the HiFi gathering. Such activity allowed HiFi enthusiasts, racing car fans, celebrities and media to gaze at the newest B&W speakers diamond series 801 D4. The HiFi gathering also included famous HiFi brands like AURALiC and Classe.

Leading the show was the pure luxurious B&W 801 D4. The famous diamond revised tweeter is sweeter and cleaner-sounding. In that sense, a pair of refined speakers need the best cabling.
SINE came to the gathering with the best cables and power products.
We have the S-60A power conditioner platinum edition to protect electronics. SINE S60A has proven to be effective in maintaining the stability of your HIFI system, with the ability to erase noise generated by the mains supply.
In addition to the SINE S-60A platinum edition, we also brought the Mega X.
Mega X power distributor can be the front gate to your Hifi system. It can deliver the purifying of the current for those who do not use the power conditioner. Our Mega X has three sets of top-grade SINE Nano platinum sockets fitted into the precise CNC-machine-crafted structure.

AURALiC Altair G1 combines with Classe Delta series and SINE's professional power supply to offer the 801 D4 best support to unleash its potential.

(Classe Delta series using SINE Louis Series as the power cord to provide quiet background and wide dynamic range)

(To connect Hifi sources like AURALiC streamer and the amplifier, SINE provides the Ella X IC and Ophelia IC series to transmit music data.)

And the perfect partner for 801 D4 is the Louis X speaker cables. SINE applied -196 °C cryogenic treatment to the wire to ensure the stability of the structure. Some of the good elements of the Louis X speaker cable are wire-weaving pattern, top-quality solid copper cord and practical shielding layers. Louis X speaker cables can formulate the massive scale of the music aura and extreme quiet background so that the 801 D4 can perform perfectly.

SINE continues to work at providing the cleanest power.
B&W attaches importance to the delicate craftsmanship of speakers.
McLaren is an expert in racing and road cars.
These brands share the same ideology of pursuing excellence(like power, sound, supreme performance and speed), despite different professions.
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