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Good bass and a clean power delivery!
Nidas HC Power Cable
From: Post76
Nidas HC comes with concentric wires structure and five-core design and the whole cable is treatment by -196℃cryogenic. The Nidas HC takes polyethylene as an insulator to strengthen its anti-interference ability. Moreover, Nidas HC employs overall copper foil shielding to block EMI effectively, and its core has 10AWG (5.26 mm²). Therefore, Nidas HC can withstand up to 30A power delivery, providing extra high current power for audio devices.

∇ -196 °C cryogenic treatment applied to whole cable
∇ SINE Nidas HC the "HC" means High Current

∇ The diameter has 10AWG (5.26mm²), which can withstand up to 300V / 30A,

So what effect it will have with my multi channels AV system? To test the sound quality better, I would like to choose my favourite movies recently this time ---- Ghost in the Shell & Fast and Furious 8.

[ Ghost in the Shell ---- Gun Battle and Explosive Glass ]
I was so impressed with the fragment of glass explosion in this movie, Ghost in the Shell. So, I’m very eager to replay it. In the test, the Nidas HC works with an AV AMP, Pioneer LX-901 and the sound pressure is tuned to -7 degrees. At the beginning, there is no change in the music, but it suddenly turns into tension when the killer appears. Immediately followed by the gun battle and glass explosion, Nidas HC express very excellent in bass performance, which is deeper and thicker than before. Besides, the mid-range of sound field becomes rich and flexible, while the high-pitch is clear and melodious. All in all, this cable is beyond expectation!

[ Fast and Furious 8 ---- The Bass of Racing Engine ]
The best scene I love is definitely the sound of racing engine in the game. It is so exciting! So I specially change to use Nidas HC for testing its bass effect. In the opening scene, the two cars are full throttle constantly before the game, the bass is so explosive that I am personally in the scene. During the game, Nidas HC not only brings a super good bass effect, but also makes the sense of space become better obviously. Plus, it seems that the sound of tires rubbing against the ground is also restored. What a surprise!

Through this test, I have more confidence in the cable of SINE and think that Nidas HC is very suitable for the AV system. It is a good news for AV players! Besides, the structures of Nidas Gold is very similar to Nidas HC, just the Gauge is smaller. I guess the power should be slightly smaller. It’s worth to try the Nidas Gold in a smaller system.

Nidas HC

Cryo Powercord

  • Special Optimized OFC
  • 10AWG / 5.26mm² ( 300V / 30A )
  • -196°C cryogenic treated
  • Polyethylene insulation
  • Extra soft tube to absorb vibration
  • Copper shielding
  • 50M/Roll