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Power Cable
SINE Louis

SINE is a young company based in Hong-Kong. It designs and manufactures several ranges of audio and power cables, different models of power conditioners and power regulators as well as power bars, audiophile wall outlets and isolation transformers. The Louis PC is positioned in the middle of the power cables range which comprises ten models in total. Available only in 1.8m length, it is made of four solid mono lead copper conductors which section is of a bit more than 2mm².

The conductors are braided all together in a special manner. The isolation is made of four layers which efficiently protects from any electrical and electromagnetic pollution, and with an external antistatic nylon shielding. The male Schuko and female CEE22 connectors with gold plated contacts have undergone a cryogenisation à -196°C. The computerized process consists in cooling down the elements very slowly till the temperature reaches -196°C.

They remain in this stage for about 48hours, which effect is to reorganize the molecular structure of the materials and to reduce the constraints of current flow. The warming up back to ambient temperature is also controlled by computer. The use of the Louis PC as the feed of our power bar in lieu of our standard power cable translated into a much better articulation and a more precise musical notes contour. The noise threshold seems to have lowered and the micro precision to have improved, enabling to hear most minute details which were not present before. On “Fade to Black” by Dire Straits, recorded with a good dose of reverberation, there is much air around the soundstage which spatial perspective is amplified. The bass guitar is better contained, with guitar chords much neater. The voice of Mark Knopfler gains in clarity and in dynamic resolution, but seems maybe a little less carnal than before. It will be a question of taste for the future owner. The Louis power cable from SINE brings beneficial effects over a system restitution. It seems to clean the audio signal from a priori inaudible artefacts, which cannot be heard without this cable.

Therefore, the definition improves, the dynamic amplifies, and the soundstage betters through a greater aeration and magnitude. A very honest cable in its restitution.

Dominique Mafrand

  • Comprised of 12 AWG x 4 top-quality solid-core copper
  • Special wire-weaving patterns
  • 4 insulation layers against EMI and EF interference
  • Nylon anti-static shielding
  • -196 °C cryogenic treatment applied to whole cable
  • Extra-thick gold-plated wall plug and IEC Plug with -196 °C cryogenic treatment
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