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SINE S-60A Pt Edition Review

Recap of Hong Kong Famous HiFi Media Feversound

Almost every HiFi enthusiasts understand the significance of a clean power supply. High-end Hifi brands value the design of power supply. But there are extensive EMI in our daily lives, and often these interferences will jeopardise the sound quality of our Hifi system. Some common EMI examples include radio, TV, mobile phone, unintentional radiation etc...

Hence, it is essential to protect your HiFi power supply from these RFI or EMI.

What can we do to remove noises and protect our power supply?

Design behind S-60A

SINE’s professional engineers have come up with the well-known power conditioner series — A Platinum Upgrade featuring S-60A, S-30A, and S-20A
But today S-60A is the protagonist of the play “How to improve your power supply”

SINE S-60A is a mixture of phosphor bronze conduit, nano-crystalline alloy and pure graphite to increase shielding. SINE applied the dual magnetic conduit technique to protect and purify your main power supply. And benefitting from the balanced circuit design, the S-60A can double confirm your main power supply is in perfect working condition. In addition to the dual magnetic conduit, S-60A has three units of compensation circuits to enhance the electricity flows. SINE also upgraded the sockets to platinum plated sockets to enhance dynamic and details.
The maximum continuous power can reach 6600W. The total transient power is 13200W. S-60A can fulfil the required electrical power demand of your HiFi and audiovisual system. Provided eight cryogenic treated socket designs for different functions. 4 Analog, 2 digital and 2 high current sockets.

The Quietness of HiFi Life

SINE S-60A Pt Edition is a fundamental part of your HiFi system. It can unleash the potential of your HiFi equipment. S-60A's ability to make the background darker can result in different ways beneficially. Testing system: streamer/dac to digital socket, pre-amplifier to analog, and active speaker to high current. By doing this, the whole system in our showroom is connected to the S-60A. After we turned on our system, we can hear the sound change instantly. S-60A Pt Edition has put our system into a state of tranquillity. No background noise, and outstanding recognition of space. This tranquillity brings out the refine reproduction of sound that your system is capable of with a proper power conditioner. Testing S-60A effect on some classical piano pieces, we can hear the piano touching more decisively and dynamically. With rich details and low SNR, listeners can attend to vivid audible differences made by the S-60A. And since S-60A would not change your system’s original timbre, it is a definite upgrade to your whole system!

S-60A Platinum Edition — Bringing out rich details, focusing attention on instrument performance and adding depth to tonality.

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