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SINE Gateway 3 PA Version Review

Recap of Hong Kong authentic press HiFi Review Magazine

Cryogenic technology was introduced to the HiFi industry a long time. Among those brands that adapted this technology, SINE remains a strong force with their Cryo-196℃ deep cryogenic treatment.

(Testing Gateway 3 in HiFi Review Showroom)

(High quality circuit breaker with cryogenic treatment)


Gateway 3 is SINE’s third-generation power conditioner. From Gateway 2 to 3, more cryogenic treated sockets are provided(now 10 sets of nano-platinum sockets) and moved to back of the Gateway 3. Gateway 3 employed the best magnetic conduit conditioning technique as S-60A. The new P-ALLOY core has a multi-layer noise control structure including

- Extra-thick aluminium shielding layer

- A damping filling layer

- Pure copper shielding layer

- Circular vibration isolation layer

(Gateway 3 applied unique P-Alloy Multi-layer Noise Control Structure)

And the final core parts is SINE newly developed P-Alloy materials. Which is produced based on a unique metal ratio. And this is the reason SINE, especially including PA in the model name.
The maximum continuous power can reach 6600W. The total transient power is 13200W. S-60A can fulfil the required electrical power demand of your HiFi and audiovisual system. Provided eight cryogenic treated socket designs for different functions. 4 Analog, 2 digital and 2 high current sockets.

(Gateway 3 is SINE's revolutionary design)

(Lower chassis chamber filled with damping materials to reduce resonance and unwanted vibration)

Hi End Power Conditioner is beneficial to equipments because they don’t need to remodel the circuit box. However, there are so many power conditioners on the market. Even HiFi grade power conditioners may not have a positive effect on your HiFi. So which one should we pick? The editor’s pick — SINE Gateway 3 PA is a worthy investment for users of vacuum tube amplifiers and power amplifiers.

New Triple Treatment

The internal wires inside Gateway 3 is annealed at +800°C and then cryogenically treated at -196 °C. When the current enters gateway 3, it will receive a triple treatment. First, the current will receive an input treatment via a magnetic conduit. Second, our P-Alloy core’s new multi-layer noise control structure will play a key role in conditioning. In the end, the output treatment is through another magnetic conduit. The conduit that covered the unique PA core is 5 times bigger than S-60A’s conduit.


dCS Rossini APEX Player/Rossini Master Clock/Luxman CL-1000 Preamplifier/Luxman M-10X Power Amplifier

Gateway 3 PA plug-in result while playing different records

(CD Reference)

Jazz World Records | Enrico Pieranunzi,Marc Johnson,Joey Baron play Morricone

Overtune is more clear with better extension. Instruments like drums and piano in this recording are solid and dynamic.

Vivid Audio | Jazz

When listening to “Flora Purim”, the soundstage is wide and stable. You can feel the vocal is energetic and the low-frequency sound is concentrated.

Alexandre Tharud | Brahms & Rachmaninov

Brahms’s piece played by Alexandre was adding a sense of mystery and excitement. But Gateway 3 did not change its tonal balance. It enhanced the details and bigger picture in dynamic. The contrast between different sound frequencies is more appealing to the audience.

Christina Pluhar | Handel goes Wild

Handel goes Wild is a challenging record to play especially the stereophonic part. After Gateway 3’s precise conditioning, instruments’ motion was getting a huge boost to display a perfect tempo balance.

Avengers| End Game

The movie soundtrack revealed the agony atmosphere in the movie. Even variations of music notes in a mediocre recording can arouse audiences’ emotions. Timpani in the soundtrack is accurate and realistic compared to the sound without Gateway 3. Finally, when the harp appeared in the track, that sound of a bright future was emphasised without the movie itself.

Quadro Nuevo | Song of Spices Track 3

Gateway 3 made this track sounds vivid. The saxophone and double bass were vigorous. The contrast between these instruments including the harmonica was intensive and passionate. Gateway 3’s ability to portray a delicate image of Spices!

Editor’s Choice

I believe that any source, clock and amplifier that uses Gateway 3 is a definite upgrade. It is an upgrade of a stereophonic soundstage, soft sound, and dynamic and atmospheric sense. I assure you Gateway 3 PA can give a big boost to different genres of music. And hence, a better listening performance!

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