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PSU Cable

PSU Cable for Auralic power supply

Power for SOURCE

    Specially designed for Source and Digital components.

    PSU Cable provides a smooth and linear power supply while blocking unwanted high frequency contamination emit from digital equipments.

MONO Copper

    MONO Copper has a much higher conductivity and lower resistance than normal copper.
    In making of our MONO Copper, oxidation and contaminated substances between atom and metal crystal are being removed. Resulting a 60% lower resistant than normal oxygen free copper!
    Thus, an ultra high pure copper is produced. Our MONO Copper provides smooth and high detailed sound performance.
  • Employed a superior MONO Copper as main conductors
  • Super low resistance: 0.0304Ω/M
  • 17 AWG / 1.1mm²
  • -196°C cryogenic treated
  • Polyethylene insulation
  • Extra Thick Gold plating on 2.5mm DC connector
  • Extra Thick Platinum plating on 16mm aviation plug
  • Length: 1m